Hi, I am Sherilyn, the woman behind this literary vision. I am a CEO, Author, Corporate Speaker, Creative Brand Coach and Ordained Prophetess. Most importantly, I am the mother of two amazing young men KJ, my oldest and DeVonte’ my baby (yes he will always be my baby).

The ‘boy book was birthed from an experience my son KJ had in Alabama. An incident I had no idea happened until one night during a facebook live he begin to talk about what happened to him. He shared with me for the first time that while he was in Alabama visiting a major university he was called “boy” by a caucasian gentlemen at a

restaurant. Gasp! I know, you feel that too? My heart sink. But it was that moment that lead me to compile the book “boy: Defending Our Black Sons’ Identity in America”. I didn’t like the feeling of helplessnes that came over me. I wanted to fight back. So I joined with other heroic black moms and we decided to be advocates for our sons. We must recognize that not all fights against racial inequality happen in the streets. We must each use what we have to evoke change. What we have is our voice and collectively we can be heard!

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